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I am Shipra, and I am a life enthusiast.

I have three degrees under my belt (fouth is on the way), and I am a Ph.D. dropout.

I am addicted to cakes, chocolates, ice creams and cold coffee with a dash of cinnamon!

I have a big appetite for reading chick lits, celebrity news and office gossip is music to my ears. I am almost on the verge of declaring myself shopaholic. I have a particular weakness for Indian fabrics, traditional silver,  big sized handbags and coffee mugs. And Yes I love to wear Kajal!

Oceans and sky, flowers and birds, buds and leaves, clouds and rain, dewdrops and butterflies, stars and snowflakes make my stress melt away. I often find my priceless contemplative moments on long walks away from the city lights.

My life has been a roller coaster ride with many ups and downs; highs and lows and successes and failures at personal and professional fronts.

I share my observations, ideas, and opinions on matters that interest women be it the career, entertainment, spirituality, lifestyle, relationships in an inspiring, motivating and refreshing manner on this platform. I am still learning to play with the camera. all

I am still learning to play with the camera. All photographs are mine unless otherwise stated.

Many people have asked me the meaning and significance of the word Banjaran.  Banjaran is a Hindi word meaning wanderer, nomad or a bohemian. I am a seeker, seeking the unknown and the unattainable (perhaps).

So come along and let’s rediscover the path to happiness, sunshine, and rainbows in this imperfect world!