50 Random facts about me

The day when my inner child comes out to play :-)…I write such random posts.

1. My name means river, that signifies I have to constantly flow through peace and tranquility; through twists and turns of life. I will stagnate if I stop.

2. I am quintessentially Indian.

3. I was a gypsy in my previous birth.

4. Moon is my first love.

5. Stars, second.

6. Flowers, third.

7. I read stories, folktales, mythologies as a child.

8. I still read them.

9. You will find a book on gypsy folktales and a romantic novel by Nora Roberts on my table now.

10. I make stories in my mind all the time. I have a story about you too…..yes you!

11. I wish I was a little taller so that I could see the world from little above.

12. I don’t dance.

13. I can’t sing.

14. I can not drive. Just can’t.

15. I have a weakness for ethnic silver jewelry, tote bags, and handmade stuff.

16. I am the last girl to be born in my generation. I have 7 male cousins younger to me.

17. I often look at the night sky.

18. I like doing things from scratch.

19. Delhi is my favorite city.

20. I think Odisha (a state in India) is underrated.

21. I can survive on sugar. Seriously!

22. I love the smell of petrol and the smell of earth after the first rain.

23. I know this smell is called petrichor. the But I don’t know how to use it in a sentence.

24. I hardly watch TV.

25. I have stopped reading newspapers.

26. I can’t stand sink with dirty dishes and overflowing garbage bins.

27. I am an average cook.

28. Dough for my bread never rises. Never.

29. I am awesome at procrastination

30. I like spending time alone.

31. I don’t understand the debates that are in binaries…right/left; tradition/modernity; good/bad etc.

32. I appreciate people, ideas, and thoughts that provide different perspectives.

33. Live and let others live is my motto.

34. I have a younger brother. I adore him.

35. I wish I had a sister too!

36. I often start my sentences with the word, ‘Well…

37. I had a hard time finding shoes that fit.

38. I am not everyone’s cup of tea. I had a hard time accepting this.

39. I have a green thumb.

40. I prefer affordable and sustainable fashion and home décor.

41. My grandparents migrated from present-day Pakistan to Delhi because of partition

42. I love hearing stories from that time period.

43. Death fascinates me.

44. I can talk hours and hours about life and universe.

45. I am an early morning person.

46. I love to sit silently near the rivers and streams.

47. I prefer to take long walks alone.

48. If I could go back in time, I would like to listen to Krishna advising Arjuna on the battlefield.

49. I wanted to be a lawyer but life has its own plans.

50. I am so full of myself…I have reached 50 and can still go on and on….


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